Erin Morin with her book "How Yoga Dog Got His Name."

Erin Morin, Assessment Director with Rio Rancho Public Schools, has written and published a children’s book titled “How Yoga Dog Got His Name.” Erin, who has been in education for 24 years in both New Mexico and California, says that she has always wanted to write a book. “It was a personal goal to push myself in an area that is not a natural aptitude,” said Erin. “I was working on a historical fiction novel about New Mexico when this book emerged from a fun afternoon hike.”

The book is the first in the Yoga Dog Adventure Series, and follows a mischievous and fun-loving pup who is left alone during the day while his family is at work. To fill the day, he recruits his friend Pygmy goat and the two set off to follow Pygmy's mom to her Yoga class where they discover that yoga is super fun.  Yoga Dog decides to go to the park and even his own backyard to do yoga daily.  He has fun with new friends while he builds a new skill to keep him occupied when his family is away.