ESE Reading for Miles

How many minutes did you spend reading in March? Well, if you're a 2nd grader at Rio Rancho Public Schools, that number might have been in the THOUSANDS! Thanks to the Intel Reading for Miles campaign, all RRPS 2nd graders participated in a district-wide reading challenge where students counted the total number of minutes they spent reading during the entire month of March. The top readers from each school were honored at an assembly at their school, and were rewarded with a brand new bicycle! Overall, our incredible 2nd graders read a total of 380,454 minutes!

We want to extend a special thank you to Intel for sponsoring the Reading for Miles campaign and fostering a community of reading and learning in Rio Rancho. Projects like these change lives, and we are so grateful that Intel continues to play an active and participatory role in igniting our students' potential!

Pictured: Six winners from Ernest Stapleton Elementary